the sound of child-material-made rain

As we get closer to the opening of Conversations with Rain on Thursday 4th July, we are thinking with the nature culture complexity of listening to soundscapes of rain created by children. How is it that listening with this child-material-made weather engages such deep sensing of rain herself?

hold a piece of tissue paper to your ear and rustle it gently to experience a quiet rainstorm

poetic downpour

Conversations with Rain is a project situated at the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA). A partnership between ECU School of Education and AGWA sees us in creative conversations with rain through workshops of accumulating responsive and embodied experiences.

We work with the premise that there is “something specific to the geographies of museum spaces that enable us to attend to improvisation and the serendipitous in specific ways”

(Hackett et al, 2019)